This week, I visited my parents' house. My sisters and brothers in law also came to my parents' house to celebrate my father's birthday. Actually, my father's birthday is fifteenth, Jan but that day is not weekend, so we gathered this weekend. 

We had delicious food my mom cooked, and played korean traditional card game "go and stop". My father said that he was very happy and thank you for visiting him. 

I played with my two nephews and I gave them dolls. They looked like very happy.

My wife was so tired because of preparing foods and washing dishes. I help her wash dishes and after came back home, I have her some massage.

by danguria 2016. 1. 10. 19:07

Flower's goal was to design a diagrammatic programming language based on flow chart and develop integrated development environment.  This is demo videos. If you cannot watch the video clearly, please download the demo files and play it.

Change figures' level of layer.mp4

Copy, paste and cut the figures.mp4

Create figure and change its attribute.mp4


Run the program and debug it.mp4

< Run the program and debug it>

< Create Figure and change its attributes>

< Copy, paste and cut the figures>

< Change figures' level of layer>

< Procedure>

by danguria 2016. 1. 10. 18:39
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