Flower's goal was to design a diagrammatic programming language based on flow chart and develop integrated development environment.  This is demo videos. If you cannot watch the video clearly, please download the demo files and play it.

Change figures' level of layer.mp4

Copy, paste and cut the figures.mp4

Create figure and change its attribute.mp4


Run the program and debug it.mp4

< Run the program and debug it>

< Create Figure and change its attributes>

< Copy, paste and cut the figures>

< Change figures' level of layer>

< Procedure>

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This project is for researching rootkits and the way to detect it. In this projects, I researched hidden registry key detection module and IDT(Interrupt Descriptor Table)

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Virtual Bridge is a convenient and original solution to interact between digital devices that can share its media contents through Argument Reality. 


Register source object such as camera that hold media contents such as digital camera and target like Television that can play media contends.

Step 2.

Select contents from the source object and drag and drop on the target object.

Step 3.

If Object can both hold media contents and play it, Virtual bridge also can play contents through virtual bridge.

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